InMobi-An Indian Mobile Advertising Unicorn`s Growth Strategies

PiRuby`s Teaser Campaign in the Edtech Market Using Content Co-creation
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PiRuby`s Teaser Campaign in the Edtech Market Using Content Co-creation
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InMobi – Background Note

In the year 2006, Naveen Tewari (Tewari), an ex-IITian from Kanpur and an MBA from Harvard Business School, identified the gap between publishers and advertisers . At that time, if a publisher developed some content on the internet, he had to publish it free of cost. But if the publisher wanted to sell that content, he had to tie up with some advertisers and collect money from them. But searching for advertisers who could pay a good sum for the content was a hectic job for the publishers. Similarly, if an advertiser wanted to create awareness among its users about its ads, then the advertiser had to search for publishers who could take the money and display their ad along with the content. Or else they had to tie up with an ad network, which would bring in publishers for them..

Growth and Expansion

Through a Series A funding, US-based venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and Sherpalo Ventures (Sherpalo) contributed $7.1 million to InMobi in 2008. The company’s name was changed to “InMobi” in 2009. The name InMobi stood for the constant transmission of dynamic messages to a wide range of consumers on all mobile platforms worldwide. In mid-2009..

Change in Business Model

Realizing the growing needs of Indian customers and the extensive use of smartphones, in 2009, InMobi’s founders shifted their focus from mobile search to developing a mobile advertising network. The network was focused on creating brand awareness, remarketing, and monetization for publishers. It also emphasized on IP creation, network effects, and global expansion. For effective functioning of its new business model, InMobi divided its customers into three types, – developers, retailers, and brands..

Digital Ad Initiatives of InMobi

Considering the emerging needs of mobile advertisers, publishers, and consumers, InMobi came up with various digital ad initiatives. Particularly for publishers, the initiatives included launch of mobile monetization platforms such as InMobi SmartPay, a variety of Ad formats, one stop solutions like UnifID and many more. Similarly, for advertisers, the company launched platforms such as Pulse, an Audience bidding platform, and many more...


In the middle of May 2021, the company observed a growth of Android and iOS ad spend by 11% and 4%, respectively. This happened because of the shifting of ad spending from iOS apps to Android apps. InMobi also observed a low adoption rate of iOS 14.5, i.e. around 3%, by the end of May 30, 2021. This low adoption rate showcased that around 85% of iOS users were using an older iOS version...

Way Forward

The business partnered with US-based Apple in March 2023 to improve the efficiency of iOS apps for advertisers without relying on user-level identifiers. With this tie up, InMobi aimed to help marketers understand and maximize the SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0. SKAN 4.0 would enable the advertisers to understand how to keep users engaged with their app over time, and also to know the benefit of SKAN 4.0’s developments..


Exhibit I: Inmobi’s Variety of Ads
Exhibit II: Market share of Global Mobile Advertising Market Players
Exhibit III: InMobi Awards Details (From 2013-2021)
Exhibit IV: InMobi Native Ads platforms
Exhibit V: Details of InMobi’s Competitors

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