The #BoycottGoya Trend: Does Social Media Cancel Culture have an Impact on Business?

The #BoycottGoya Trend: Does Social Media Cancel Culture have an Impact on Business?
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Period: 1920-2022
Pub Date: 2023
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Organization : Goya Foods, Inc.
Industry :Food & Beverage
Countries : United States
Themes: Communication Strategy, Social Media, Reputation Management,Leadership Style
The #BoycottGoya Trend: Does Social Media Cancel Culture have an Impact on Business?
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The Start of The #Boycottgoya And #Goyaway Campaigns

In March 2020, Unanue attended an event at the White House where Trump signed the policy called Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, along with a few Hispanic supporters – politicians and business magnates. The initiative was expected to improve access to education and economic opportunities for Hispanic Americans..

The Other Side – Sticking to Their Guns

Most social media users expected Unanue to apologize for supporting Trump; instead, he categorically stated that he would not apologize for his remarks and doubled down on his support for Trump. He dismissed the storm raised by his comments and stated that it was an attempt to suppress his FoE. Unanue stated that he had earlier been associated with former Democratic US President Barack Obama (Obama) and had even worked with his wife Michelle Obama..

The Followup and a Repeat Offence

In January 2021, a New York Post report stated that Goya’s nine-member Board of Directors consisting primarily of Unanue’s family members had passed a resolution that Unanue could not interact with the press without their approval. A cousin, Andy Unanue said, “Bob does not speak for Goya Foods when he speaks on TV. The family has diverse views on politics, but politics is not part of our business..

The Impact of Cancel Culture and Boycott Calls

Management experts pointed out that senior executives were company representatives and had to speak as if they were speaking on behalf of the company/brand. They added that the senior management owed it to the company, investors, and employees to not get embroiled in controversies and to represent the brand in the best way possible..

Road Ahead

Analysts observed that for a long time, Latino communities had been using boycotts, fasts, and strikes to get their voice heard in the US. Goya was also no stranger to being in the spotlight for political reasons..


Exhibit I: Information on Latino’s Issues with Trump
Exhibit II: Information on Various Latin American Organizations

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