OPPO SuperFactory

OPPO SuperFactory
Case Code: OPER157
Case Length: 9 Pages
Period: 2020
Pub Date: 2022
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Organization : Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp
Industry :Technology & Communications
Countries : India
Themes: Lean Manufacturing, Technology in Manufacturing
OPPO SuperFactory
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Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company OPPO featured in the famous SUPERFACTORIES series on National Geographic. With this, OPPO joined the league of companies like Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Corvette, Apache Helicopters, Caterpillar, Tetrapak, and the precision operations of logistics giants like UPS that had featured in the SUPERFACTORIES series of National Geographic. The show turned the spotlight on OPPO’s manufacturing facility in India located at Greater Noida.

The huge manufacturing unit of Chinese smartphone manufacturing company was efficiently producing smartphone units for not just the Indian market but also the global smartphone market. This was in tune with the “Make In India” initiative of the Indian government.

The manufacturing unit, termed as a superfactory, housed state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery operated by well trained staff. The process was operated efficiently to avoid errors and every second at the unit was accounted for. This efficiency helped OPPO declare that it was able to produce one smartphone every 3 seconds in this superfactory.


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Help students understand quick response manufacturing.
  • Understand the importance of technological innovations for a business.



OPPO; Lean Manufacturing; Quick Response Manufacturing; Technological Innovations; Superfactory

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