Bidding Dilemma at Transmission Solution Company

Bidding Dilemma at Transmission Solution Company
Case Code: PROM014
Case Length: 14 pages
Period: 2013
Pub Date: 2013
Teaching Note: Available
Price: Rs.400
Organization: Valor India
Industry: Energy
Countries: India
Themes: Project Management
Bidding Dilemma at Transmission Solution Company
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  • To know where exactly the transmission solution company fits in the energy sector and what kind of products and services such companies offer
  • The debate the various qualitative and quantitative factors in arriving at the decision to bid for a project
  • To evaluate the general and specific risks inherent in the projects and especially the projects in the developing and least developed countries
  • Evaluating the steps in arriving at a minimum bid price for the project
  • Understanding the various costs that are involved in the calculation of bid price, how these costs are calculated and how does each one of them affects the final price of the bid



Energy Sector, Transmission solutions, Tender Bidding, Project, Request for Proposal, Electrical Equipment, Bidding price, Small and Medium Enterprise, Renewable resource, Fossil Fuel, High Voltage Direct Current, Civil works, Liquidity Damage, Statutory Variations, Percentage of Completion, Limits of Authority, Inflation Cost, Project Management Cost, Service Cost, Greenfield Brownfield

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