Garçon Wines` Sustainable and Cost-effective Wine Bottles

Garçon Wines` Sustainable and Cost-effective Wine Bottles
Case Code: PROM016
Case Length: 07 pages
Period: 2022-23
Pub Date: 2023
Teaching Note: Available
Price: Rs.300
Organization: Garçon Wines
Industry: Food & Beverage
Countries: United Kingdom
Themes: Operations Management,Corporate Strategy,
Garçon Wines` Sustainable and Cost-effective Wine Bottles
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This case focuses on UK-based wine bottle manufacturer and packaging company Garçon Wines (Garçon), which spun off its packaging business in March 2022 under the name Packamama. The Company’s spin-off was intended to maintain the emphasis on wine and also to encourage other wine producers to utilize its flat wine bottles and environmentally friendly bottling methods. Packamama was an effort to speed up the transition of the beverage sector to a low-carbon future by offering climate-tech packaging created for a circular economy.

Garçon Wines created innovative flat wine bottle design that offered various ecological advantages. The PET plastic used to make the Garçon wine bottle was lightweight, impact-resistant, and 100 percent recyclable. The bottle’s flat design made packaging and delivery more effective since it required less room and generated fewer shipping-related carbon emissions. The flat shape made it simpler to store and recycle, took up less room on store shelves, and was easier to put in refrigerators. Additionally, the bottles were made to preserve the wine's purity and freshness.


  • Understand the ways in which a business can be restructured
  • Understand how a spinoff creates value both for the parent company and the spun-off company
  • Evaluate what drives a company to adopt value analysis
  • Appraise the impact of product design and packaging on the triple bottom line.



Corporate Strategy, Operations management, Sustainability.

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