Decision Making Under Uncertainty and Risk

Decision Making Under Uncertainty and Risk
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Pub Date: 2011
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Industry: Information Technology
Countries: India
Themes: Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Operations Research
Decision Making Under Uncertainty and Risk
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Nemi Raj (Raj) felt a little tremor of nervousness as he walked down the hallway of the office leading to the conference room. Raj had been working as Technical Head with Genie Information Systems (GIS), Bangalore, India, for more than two years and was closely involved in the launch of the company's most ambitious project codenamed INDIGO. The project was the brainchild of Chandrakant Singh (Singh), the company's vice president (VP). Singh had always wanted to do something for his country, for the ‘not so privileged' people.

After he had been promoted to the position of VP two and a half years ago, he had got the young and talented Raj designated as the new Technical Head. Soon Raj and his team began working on project INDIGO at the Hyderabad-based research labs. It took almost two years of hard work by an expert team of ten highly talented developers to build PRATHAM, an indigenously developed operating system that operated in the Devanagari (Hindi) script. PRATHAM was being built with the primary aim of catering to the Indian market. Today in his new role as project lead, Raj had to decide on the fate of PRATHAM.....

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