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Business Ethics and Environment : Chapter 5

SUMMARY: This chapter deals with environmental ethics, environmental issues and the green initiatives adopted by various companies. Environmental Ethics is concerned about moral basis of environmental responsibility.

This concern inturn gave rise to three approaches: Anthropocentrism approach, axiological approach and eco-centric approach. The first approach focuses on the utility that human beings can derive by protecting the environment. According to the second approach it is moral responsibility of human beings to protect animals.

The last approach is a blend of first and second approach, which states environment has to be influenced by taking such activities, which are aimed at preserving environment.

The chapter discusses some of the environmental issues that Western Europe has had to face problems due to water pollution, while India has been severely affected by air pollution. The causes for the Bhopal gas tragedy in India were also examined. Companies are becoming more environment conscious and are adopting green policies. The chapter examines a few such green initiatives:

Environmental friendly technology, green tourism, green community and environmental campaigning.

Environmental friendly technology encourages the development and use of technology that will reduce waste and pollution. Green tourism is aimed at preserving the landscape. Green community aims at transparency of environmental activities of organizations.

Environmental counseling programs are conducted to voice their ideas and opinion on environmental issues. In this chapter, we also examine India's greenest companies: ABB, ICI and Tata Iron and Steel. The chapter concludes with a look at the Government of Indians polices for preserving the environment.

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