Business Ethics & Corporate Governance


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Business Ethics & Corporate Governance Textbook | Workbook

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Business Ethics & Corporate Governance : Chapter 1

SUMMARY: This chapter provides an insight into the subject of ethics and business ethics. Many philosophers have expressed different views about ethics. But they all agree that, in essence ethics deals with what is right or wrong.

Similarly the term business is defined as a primary economic institution through which people in modern societies carry on the task of producing and distributing goods and services.

Thus, business ethics is nothing but an application of ethical judgments to business activities. There was an argument whether ethics should form a part of business or not. This resulted in three different views: Unitarian view, Separatist view and Integration view. Unitarian view argues that morality and ethics are related to business.

The Separatist view expressed that, business should concentrate on profits, and ethics and morality do not form a part of business. The Integration view defined a new area called business ethics, where ethical behavior and business are integrated. The external forces like government, market system, law and services will guide the ethical behavior of the business. Finally, the chapter discusses about the need or necessity for business ethics - business in order to survive in the long run should concentrate on the welfare of the society.

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