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Textbook Edition: II
Pages : 490; Paperback;
210 X 275 mm approx.

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Workbook Edition: II
Pages : 231; Paperback;
210 X 275 mm approx.


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Information Technology & Systems Textbook | Workbook

Information Technology & Systems : Overview

Information technology refers to the collection of tools and technologies that make it easy for individuals, businesses and other organizations to use, create, manage and exchange information.

New developments in information technology have fundamentally transformed the way in which business is carried out. The increasing power and falling costs of computers have made information storage, analysis and distribution faster, easier and less expensive than at any time before in human history.

The Internet has removed geographical barriers, making it possible for companies to source material from one country, process it in another country, package it in yet another country and sell the final product globally.

Consumers have information on products and services at their fingertips; they can compare different products, services or manufacturers to choose the best or the cheapest option. The Internet is now the most significant medium of entertainment, communication and commerce for many people. Consequently, electronic commerce is fast becoming an important component of the world economy.

Given the importance of information technology for businesses, managers need to understand the concepts and upgrade their knowledge in the field.

Information Technology and Systems examines issues in information technology and discusses how managers can use its power to remain competitive in this era of globalization.

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