Introduction to Organizational Behavior


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Introduction to Organizational Behavior, Management Textbook, Workbook

Future of Organizational Development : Chapter 24

The research and practice in the field of OD has led to the emergence of new concepts and interventions. Therefore, OD is a continuously growing field. The factors that add to the strength of OD include soundness of its processes, the emphasis of OD interventions on democratic processes and on bringing about a simultaneous change in people as well as technology. Though OD seems to have a promising future, there are certain factors that have the potential to make the future of OD uncertain. These include nature of organizational leadership and the values of top management, knowledge of management about OD, the importance given by management to training employees in OD skills, interdisciplinary nature of OD, dissemination of OD techniques, integration of techniques in the field of OD with those in other fields and the recording and maintenance of the history of OD. The changes in global economy, technology and nature of workforce have significant implications for the future of OD. In the future, OD will become a part of organizational operations and OD skills will be acquired by employees at every level in the organization.

OD processes will use advanced technology and the duration of OD interventions will be reduced. OD will focus on learning and innovation and its interdisciplinary nature will increase. As OD practitioners have to work with diverse client organizations and cross-cultural teams, they will need to develop the required competence. Prior to solving the value dilemmas of modern organizations, OD practitioners will be required to resolve the dilemma within themselves regarding the focus of OD interventions.

Chapter 24 : Overview

Strengths of Organizational Development The Future of OD
Leadership and Values
Knowledge about OD
OD Training
Interdisciplinary Nature of OD

Diffusion of OD Techniques
Integrative Practice
Rediscovering and Recording History

Possible Changes in OD Processes and Practice