Introduction to Organizational Behavior


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Introduction to Organizational Behavior, Management Textbook, Workbook

Organization Development Interventions : Chapter 23

Organization Development (OD) is a unique organizational improvement strategy. The sets of structured/planned activities adopted by groups or individuals in an organization as a part of the organization development program, are known as OD techniques or OD interventions.

While change programs may involve either external or internal consultants, OD interventions mostly involve external consultants. Some OD interventions include sensitivity training, survey feedback, process consultation, team interventions and intergroup interventions, third party peace making interventions, and structural interventions.

The most widely used structural interventions are parallel learning structures, self-managed teams, Management by Objectives (MBO), Quality Circles, Total Quality Management (TQM), Quality of work life (QWL) projects, large-scale systems change, organizational transformation, and process reengineering.

Chapter 23 : Overview

Meaning of OD Interventions
Types of OD Interventions
Sensitivity Training
Survey Feedback
Process Consultation Interventions

Team Interventions
Force-field Analysis
Intergroup Team-Building Interventions
Third-Party Peacemaking Interventions
Structural Interventions