Introduction to Organizational Behavior


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Introduction to Organizational Behavior, Management Textbook, Workbook

Introduction to Management

Organizations have realized that their success depends not so much on the effectiveness of their systems and processes, as on the effectiveness of their human resources.

The success or failure of organizations is determined to a great extent by their employees. Employees exhibit many forms of behavior, which have a significant impact on the performance and growth of organizations.

Introduction to Organizational Behavior provides insights into the basics of employee behavior in organizations. It discusses various aspects of individual behavior, such as personality, perception and motivation, and also examines the behavior of people working in groups and teams.

Both traditional and modern concepts of OB have been explored in this book. An interdisciplinary approach has been adopted to give readers a holistic view of the various facets of human behavior.

"All that we do is done with an eye to something else."

- Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics.