Courseware developed at ICMR is used by the faculty and students and its affiliate institutions. The objective of developing textbooks, case studies and other courseware at ICMR is to provide a single set of resources to the students that is comprehensive, covers every possible concept and yet is simple to understand. ICMR develops Textbooks, Workbooks, Books of Reading and Teaching Kits.

ICMR has developed textbooks on various management subjects (mentioned alongside). These textbooks are being used by the students of IBS® all over India. Separate textbooks are developed for the classroom and the correspondence curriculum as their requirements are different. Many of the textbooks are supplemented by case study volumes.

The aim of workbooks is to enable the students to test their understanding of the concepts discussed in the textbook.

The workbook is divided into two parts, A and B. Part A consists of multiple-choice questions on the topics covered in the textbook, with answers and explanations. Three to Five model question papers are provided in part B. Answering these papers within the given time limit will help students prepare for their exams.