Banning Liquor Surrogate Advertising



Themes : Advertising and Promotion
Period : 1999-2002
Organization : Archies Greetings
Pub Date : 2002
Countries : India
Industry : Advertising

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Banning Liquor Surrogate Advertising | Case Study

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IBF set up a sub-committee that included among others, with L. S. Nayak (Executive Vice President, Star TV), G Krishnan (CEO, TV Today) and Manu Sawhaney (MD, ESPN-Star Sports). Apart from formulating the advertising code, the committee would monitor the advertisements that appeared on the TV channels.

Bhuvan Lal said, "We would like to clear any such advertisement with the committee and nip any offending advertisements at the drawing table." Around the same time, apart from the 12 ads banned earlier, the I&B Ministry was in the process of issuing show-cause notices to AXN and Zee for two advertisements promoting Aristocrat Apple Juice and Whytehall.

The controversy surrounding debate surrounding surrogate advertising was undoubtedly the result of the government's and liquor industry's age-old tussle of revenues versus morality.

Ashoke Bijapurkar, President, B-MRP Communications8 said, "This brings us to the question being debated: should surrogate advertisements be banned? I feel the real question to be asked is: should liquor and tobacco advertising be banned?" Following the ban, most liquor companies again explored alternative promotional activities. Industry watchers remarked that the ban would affect the channels more than the liquor companies themselves.

The companies might actively resort to sponsorships of sports events, dance and music programs, and other fun-filled activities. Some of the major domestic companies were considering the use of the Internet as an effective marketing medium.


Exhibit I: Sales of Wines, Spirits & Liquor Companies
Exhibit II: Sales of Beer Companies
Exhibit III: Cable TV Act 1995: 2000 Amendments Related to Liquor Ads
Exhibit IV: Surrogate Television Advertisements - I (Apple Juice using the Aristocrat Brand)
Exhibit V: Surrogate Television Advertisements - II (Mineral Water using the Green Label Brand)

8] BRP is a high-end public relations company with expertise in reputation and perception management.