Fido Dido - An Advertising Icon



Case Code : CLMM088
Publication date : 2010
Subject : Marketing Management
Industry : Consumer Packaged Goods/ Miscellaneous
Length : 05 Pages
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This short case looks back on the journey of Fido as an advertising icon. It explores the association the icon had with PepsiCo's 7UP brand, the problems it faced that led PepsiCo to replace it with another icon, and finally what led PepsiCo to re-introduce Fido Dido in its ads in the early 2000s.


   Brand association.


'Keep Cool, Think Clear' - this statement that caught the imagination of the young people in the US and around the world, following the arrival of Fido Dido (Fido) in the late 1980s, an advertising icon that was very closely associated with the 7UP brand. But an interesting fact about Fido was that its trademark did not belong to PepsiCo Incorporated (PepsiCo), the marketer of 7UP, but to the creators of this icon...

Questions for Discussion

1. Critically analyze Fido Dido as an advertising icon. What, according to you, are the reasons for its popularity even after a quarter of a decade of its introduction?
2. Was PepsiCo's decision to remove Fido Dido as the mascot of 7UP correct? What else could they have done to keep the identity of the 7UP brand unique?
3. Why did PepsiCo bring back Fido Dido? What implications could PepsiCo face by re-introducing Fido?

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