Case studies in Retail Management Volume-II


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Case 01 Carrefour's Strategies in China

Case Volumes | Case Study Volumes in Retail Management Vol-II

Case 02 Retail Solutions for ITC's Wills Lifestyle
Case 03 Organized Retail Industry in India
Case 04 Wal-Mart's Strategies in China
Case 05 Carrefour's Exit from South Korea
Case 06 Viveks: Retailing Strategies
Case 07 Tesco's Globalization Strategies and its Success in South Korea
Case 08 Whole Foods Market's Growth Strategies and Future Prospects
Case 09 Restructuring Pantaloon Retail: The 'Future Group' Initiative
Case 10 The Break-up of the RPG-DFI Joint Venture Case studies in Retail Management Volume II
20  Case Studies
335 pages, Paperback
Indian orders: 2000 Rupees

Case 11 Tesco's 'Steering Wheel' Strategy
Case 12 Royal Ahold NV: The US Foodservice Accounting Fraud
Case 13