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Recruiting - The Cisco Way Available
Employee Downsizing Available
The Corporate Glass Ceiling Available
The CEO Compensation Controversy Available
ESOPs - A Tool for Employee Retention
Human Resources Accounting in Infosys Available
Retaining Employees Available
Recruitment and Selection Available
Quality of Worklife Available
Performance Appraisal Management Available
Compensation Management Available
Organizational Culture - The Recipe for Success Available
Employee Satisfaction - An Outcome of Motivated Workforce Available
Needs Drive Performance Available
The Right Way to be an effective Leader Available
Leadership the Right Approach Available
Employee Participation, Organization Structure and Decision Making Available
Improve Performance Through Change Management Available
Promoting Diversity - The American Express Way
Employee Downsizing - A Global Phenomenon Available
Glass Ceiling Available


Area Specific Case Studies

Advertising and promotions
Banking and financial management
Brand management
Competitive Strategy
Corporate Restructuring
Corporate Scams
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