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Turnaround Strategy

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Rehabilitating Daiei: A Japanese Retailer in Trouble
Embraer: The Brazilian Aircraft Manufacturer's Turnaround and Growth Available
Alan Mulally's Challenges at Ford Motor Company
Starbucks: Back to Basics?
Jamie Dimon and the Turnaround of Bank One
Turnaround of Schering-Plough Corporation
Emerging Markets Woes (A): Nokia in India and China
Emerging Markets Woes (B): Nokia in India and China
Wipro at Crossroads: The Failed Dual CEO Structure
Modern Foods: Disinvestment and After Available
Hindustan Motors' Struggle for Survival Available
Reviving Iridium Available
Reviving Yahoo! - Strategies that Turned Around the Leading Internet Portal
Nissan's Turnaround Story Available
The Turnaround of Indian Bank Available
IBM's Turnaround and its New Business Model
Xerox Corp's Turnaround Strategy Available
Starbucks: Back to Basics?
The 'Fred Factor': The Saga of a Turnaround Specialist


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Advertising and promotions
Banking and financial management
Brand management
Competitive Strategy
Corporate Restructuring
Corporate Scams
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