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Marketing Communications Research : Chapter 5

SUMMARY: Market research plays a major role in increasing the effectiveness of the marketing communications strategy of a company. In this chapter we examined the importance of research in marketing communications and how it is used to improve the effectiveness of each element in the marketing communications mix. First, we understood the steps involved in the market research process: defining the problem, designing the research plan, collecting the data, analyzing the data, and submitting the report. Second, we examined marketing communications research elements like communications audit, competitor communications strategy research, and communications content research, which help in designing an effective marketing communications strategy.

Third, we examined the research process involved in each element of the marketing communications mix that

is, advertising, sales promotions, direct selling, and public relations research. Advertising research involves advertising strategy research, advertising copy research, and ad campaign evaluation research. Sales promotion research involves pre-testing research, and post-testing various sales promotions programs for their effectiveness. Direct marketing research involves finding answers to questions like whom to direct market and how to direct market. Public relations research aims at researching the effectiveness of various PR programs. Towards the end of the chapter, we dealt with the various functions of media research and the framework and model for making better media decisions. Finally, we examined the challenges involved in media research.

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