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Case Code- BSTR004
Publication Date -2001




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In January 2001, all the Star channels were blocked for two weeks by cable operators getting their feed from Siticable, cable network. Media reports indicated that SDCK's failure had prompted Zee to use its arm Siticable, to harm KBC's TRPs by preventing it from reaching viewers. (Another view was that Star, riding high on the success of KBC, demanded higher payment for relaying its channels and stopped feeding them to operators, mainly Siticable, who refused to oblige.) Though Star's viewership did suffer as Siticable commanded 17% of the cable business, it stood its ground, forcing Zee to make peace. Following this, Siticable officials had a meeting with Star officials and reached an agreement to restore Star channels.

Having finally accepted the fact that SDCK was a bad dream to be forgotten, Zee seemed to be moving on. The channel announced plans to launch a totally new concept in Indian television with the first homegrown reality television show14, 'Prisoner of War' (PoW). PoW was based on reality shows like Survivor, which were being aired in Hindi and English by AXN channel. POW was supposed to test the endurance and ingenuity of nine contestants, and was to be shot entirely on location at a specially constructed, huge set at the Subhash Chandra owned EsselWorld in Mumbai.

Sinha, Vice President (Marketing), Zee TV remarked, "Reality TV show has already proved its credentials in the West, becoming the most popular genre of television ever. We are today presenting the future of Indian television."

Zee TV planned to launch PoW in the near future. With KBC still going strong on the TRPs front, it remained to be seen whether PoW would succeed in dethroning KBC from the number one slot.


1. In spite of the huge prize money offered and a strong media push, Zee TV did not succeed in the gameshow war with Star Plus. Discuss the reasons for the failure of SDCK.

2. How far do you think the usage of prize money, to lure viewers is correct? Would the TRPs so generated be sustainable in the long run? Give reasons to support your answer.

3. Do you think reality shows like Prisoner of War (POW) will help Indian channels to increase their TRP's? How?


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[14] Shows that put participants in real life situations and broadcast televise the proceedings, which are then
      broadcasted without much change. Reality TV shows like Survivor, were immensely popular in US and
      other countries

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