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Jet Airways: Can it Fly Again?

Jet Airways: Can it Fly Again?
Case Code: BSTR606
Case Length: 25 Pages
Period: 1992-2019
Pub Date: 2020
Teaching Note: Available
Price: Rs.500
Organization: Jet Airways
Industry: Aviation
Countries: India
Themes: Aviation Business in India, Indian aviation industry
Jet Airways: Can it Fly Again?
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The case discusses the downfall of Jet Airways, India’s oldest private airline, in April 2019 following a refusal by lenders to extend emergency funding. The case opens with the origin of the aviation industry in India and its growth until 1991. The case then provides a detailed discussion about the inception of Jet Airways. Naresh Goyal (Naresh) launched Jet Airways in 1992 with an investment of about $20 million. From the outset, Naresh had the vision to fly international and compete with much-admired companies like Singapore Airlines and British Airways. It then assesses Naresh’s leadership style and his personality as an aviation icon. Next, the case addresses the scenario of the Indian aviation market from 2000–2010. The year 2003 marked a watershed moment in the history of civil aviation in India with the entry of low-cost carriers (LCCs). The case then explores Jet Airways’ journey from 2000–2010. To retain its position in the market, Jet Airways purchased minor rival Air Sahara, which was later converted into low-cost sub-brand JetLite. But the deal backfired as the complications of operating two airlines of completely different models, combined with high oil prices, took a toll. Further, the case discusses Naresh’s role in the growth of Jet Airways. Naresh led the company as its solitary sculptor and allowed no argument. Until the early 2000s, things went successfully. Furthermore, the case traces the development in the Indian aviation market from 2010–2019.The early 2010s were not easy for the Indian aviation industry. The case then discusses the journey of Jet Airways from 2010-2019. Though the aviation industry, both globally and in India, was facing challenges, Jet Airways created history in the Indian aviation industry by flying a record 2 million guests in the month of May 2011. By August of 2018, it became known that Jet Airways was in serious financial trouble. A combination of external and internal factors saw the company default on the payment of salaries to its staff. On April 17, 2019, the company announced that it was temporarily shutting down. Lastly, the case examines the road ahead for Jet Airways.The case study can be used to analyze market structure and competition in airline markets and discuss important reasons for failures of airline companies.


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Analyze the competitive structure of the Indian aviation industry
  • Identify the critical success factors for an airline company in India
  • Understand the leadership style of the Jet Airways founder
  • Examine the reasons for the debacle of Jet Airways



Aviation Business; India; Jet Airways; Indian international airline; Private airline; Naresh Goyal; Low-cost carriers; full-service carriers; Business Model of Airline Companies; Leadership Style; Bankruptcy and cessation of services

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