Is Tesla Losing Ground in the Global EV Market?

Global Economic Impact of Coronavirus – Assessment and Mitigation (B)
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Global Economic Impact of Coronavirus – Assessment and Mitigation (B)
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Tesla’s Dominance

Under the leadership of Musk, Tesla propelled EVs into the mainstream and disrupted the global automotive industry through innovations in the design and development process and through product differentiation. Tesla emerged as a dominant player in the global EV space due to efficiency in battery management and the charging network.According to industry observers, Tesla benefited from the long-time reluctance of traditional automakers to embrace EVs..

Growing Competition

Competition had begun to heat up in the global EV sector since 2019 due to the steep rise in demand for EVs, which in turn was driven by the need for fuel-efficient, high-performance, and low-emission vehicles and stringent government rules and regulations governing vehicle emissions. Tesla faced competition not only from traditional automakers such as Ford, Volkswagen, and, GM but also from startups such as China-based Nio Inc. (NIO) and BYD Co. Ltd (BYD) who were trying to compete with it in terms of price, availability, and features..

Challenges Ahead

Some of the biggest challenges that Tesla could face going forward were beating competition, retaining market share, and maintaining profitability. Some analysts speculated a potential slowdown in the demand for EVs amid significant headwinds facing the global economy due to COVID-19.Investors continued to express concern over the company’s margins and its financial stability..


Exhibit I: Total EV Sales by Automaker in 2019
Exhibit II: Top 10 Plug-in EV Models Worldwide (2020)
Exhibit III: Teslavis-à-visCompetitors
Exhibit IV: Market Share of EV brands (as of October 2020)
Exhibit V: Tesla’s Market Capitalization (As of August 2020)
Exhibit VI: Global Region-wise BEV+PHEV Sales
Exhibit VII: Best Selling Pure EV Models in Europe (2020)
Exhibit VIII: Cumulative Number of New EV Launches (From 2018 to 2021)
Exhibit IX: Global Market Share of Tesla Vehicles by Region
Exhibit X: Tesla: Selected Financial Data (Q1 2020 to Q1 2021)

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