Snowflake IPO: A Rebound for the US Stock Market

Snowflake IPO: A Rebound for the US Stock Market
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Period: 2019-2020
Pub Date: 2021
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Organization: Snowflake Inc.
Industry: Technology & Communications
Countries: United States
Themes: Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning
Snowflake IPO: A Rebound for the US Stock Market
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Covid-19 in India

In India, the first positive case of the virus was detected on January 30, 2020, in a student in the southern state of Kerala. The student, studying in Wuhan University (China), had returned home to Thrissur District . Since the first case of COVID-19 was officially confirmed on December 31, 2019, in China, India had been closely monitoring the situation. On January 8, 2020, the Government of India (GoI) issued an advisory to all the States and Union Territories on the preparedness of the healthcare sector...

“Janata Curfew”, “Lockdown” and “Unlocking”

Amid growing fears over the COVID-19, the authorities across states and union territories ramped up efforts in the second week of March 2020 to curtail the spread of the Virus by imposing partial or complete lockdown until March 31, 2020. Each state or union territory took different measures based on the advisory issued by the GoI. However, the key to containing the spread of the Virus was to control the mass movement and mass gathering of people, and to ensure that strict physical distancing was maintained. In a country like India, putting such norms into action within a short period was a huge challenge...

Healthcare Infrastructure in Lakshadweep

The major concern of the administration of the Islands was “what happens if the Virus invades the Islands”. With a population of around 64,473 scattered across different islands, Lakshadweep Islands are an archipelago of 36 islands, of which 11 are inhabited,16 are uninhabited, 6 are submerged sand banks, and 3 are reefs..

Strategies to Resist the Pandemic

The local administration was proactive in understanding the situation, and it initiated measures like screening passengers who were boarding the flights and ships from Kochi in Kerala. One differentiating factor in comparison with other states in India, that facilitated the screening of outside passengers was the existence of entry permit formalities...

Going Forward

The spread of the Virus starting from China did not left any part of the world untouched, barring a few. Islands by their very nature have their strengths and weaknesses in terms of handling the situation in comparison with other territories on the mainland. But the uniqueness lies in timely understanding and identifying the strengths and weakness, and designing a strategy to capture the opportunities and to overcome threats...


Exhibit I: Geographical Location of the Islands
Exhibit II: List of COVID-19 Positive Cases across Different States and Union Territories as on July 17, 2020
Exhibit III: List of Inhabited Islands, Total area and Total population
Exhibit IV: Area and Population in Each State and Union Territory

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