Toward Customer Service Excellence: OCBC Bank`s First-to-Market Digital Solutions

Toward Customer Service Excellence: OCBC Bank`s First-to-Market Digital Solutions
Case Code: ITSY124
Case Length: 12 Pages
Period: 2010-2021
Pub Date: 2022
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Organization: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
Industry: Banking
Countries: Singapore
Themes: Information Systems, Digital Strategy, Customer Relationship Management,Banks and Banking
Toward Customer Service Excellence: OCBC Bank`s First-to-Market Digital Solutions
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The case describes how Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC) built digital transformation into the corporate strategy to ensure continued customer excellence across customer touch points. OCBC undertook large-scale investments to digitize both frontend and backend operations, including customer channels, user interfaces, and systems infrastructure that enabled it to make its business operations versatile and agile. The extensive focus on digital transformation helped the bank respond to rising competition from digital banks, big tech companies, social and e-commerce platforms, and fintech companies and stay competitive.

The case touches upon OCBC’s initiatives across the operational, employee, and customer fronts. The bank set up a fully owned data center and launched a training program in digital technologies for its employees called ‘The OCBC Future Smart Programme’. The case then focuses on several of the first-to-market digital solutions launched by OCBC on a regular basis for individual customers, corporates, and SME customers. The solutions were offered across customer touch points right from opening a bank account to accessing bank accounts through various digital devices with additional security features, the facility to get information on loans, insurance, and other financial advisory services from the comfort of their homes, and make contactless payments to merchants, among others. OCBC partnered with several big tech companies as well as the Government of Singapore to develop and deliver these innovative digital solutions that transformed the banking experience for retail customers.

The case also seeks to highlight the bank’s constant focus on customer excellence and service quality using the latest digital technologies including facial recognition and biometrics and artificial intelligence. The bank also looked to partner with technology providers to build open technology systems that allowed OCBC to integrate its products with Singapore’s National Digital Identity infrastructure and interoperability with Apple devices and Google technologies. The case finally describes the key digital offerings of OCBC tailored to the small and medium businesses (SME) and its focus on financial advisory products for retail customers. OCBC planned to further expand its digital ecosystem by partnering with the government, e-commerce platforms, and fintech companies to support the Singapore government’s Smart Nation initiative.


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Understand the importance of a digital transformation roadmap.
  • Understand how customer excellence leads to differentiation in digital banking.
  • Become aware of how digital technologies help personalize banking solutions.
  • Examine the need to build open systems architecture for digital banking.
  • Learn about the need to integrate employee training into digital transformation strategy.



Digital Technologies;Digital Strategy;Mobile Banking;Information Systems, Cyber security, Customer Excellence, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience; Service Quality, Data Management; Employee Training; Personalization; Innovation; Retail Banking;

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