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E-Business, Management Textbook, Workbook

E-Banking : Chapter 15

E-Banking is growing at a steady pace globally. It is used for providing banking products and services globally, while ensuring better customer service in developed countries. The use of e-banking in Asia is limited because of security and privacy concerns.

Even so, in India, several private and public sector banks have adopted e-banking to effectively leverage the Internet. E-Banking has brought about significant changes in the US and European markets as well.

However, banks need to define niche markets and develop an effective Internet strategy to fully utilize these opportunities. This chapter had dealt with the concept of e-banking by defining e-banking and explaining how a typical e-banking transaction takes place.

It also explained the key strategies that banks should implement to derive maximum value through the Internet.

The key issues in e-banking are the various risks involved in e-banking including operational risks, security risks, reputational risk, legal risk, etc. An Internet security framework is essential for handling these risks and ensuring secure banking transactions. Apart from e-banking, mobile banking is also becoming popular. The convenience of access any time and anywhere is propelling the use of mobile banking.

Chapter 15 : Overview

The Concept of E-Banking
The E-Banking Scenario
E-Banking Strategies
Finance Portals for Banks

E-Banking Transactions
E-Banking: Key Issues
Future of E-Banking