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Pages : 512; Paperback;
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E-Business, Management Textbook, Workbook

E-Business : Overview

Traditional or brick-and-mortar businesses are primarily product-centric, usually competing on the basis of product differentiation and innovation. In contrast, e-businesses focus on customers and adopt a customer-centric approach.

In the traditional way of doing business, companies manufactured products and customers purchased them. But now customers are active participants in the product design process; in fact, they often dictate terms to manufacturers and decide the features of products.

The increasing use of the electronic media to conduct business and government transactions, and the increasing popularity of the Internet among individual customers has forced organizations to digitize their operations.

Emerging e-business and mobile technologies and the greater availability of broadband telecommunications have catalyzed their transformation into e-enabled organizations.

E-Business helps students understand the fundamentals of conducting business over the Internet and the concepts involved in providing excellent service to customers. The book discusses how managers can improve the efficiency of their business processes and make an e-business venture successful. Transforming a traditional business into an e-business is not an easy task. The book provides models and frameworks that will help managers make a smooth transition to the digital era.