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E-Business, Management Textbook, Workbook

E-Business Infrastructure : Chapter 13

This chapter examined the infrastructure necessary for an organization to carry out e-business operations successfully. Network infrastructure, consisting of switches, bridges and routers, multilayer switching, VLANs, LANs and WANs was described in detail. Switches are used for temporarily connecting two machines in the network.

Bridges are used for connecting machines in the LAN or machines in the same segment of a network. Routers perform the same function as bridges, but they also filter the information passing through a network. VLANs are virtual LANs that don't have any physical connections.

LANs are used to connect machines in a small area, say office or lab. WANs connect systems scattered over a wide geographic area. After discussing network infrastructure, the chapter examined enterprise networks, including the Internet, extranet and Intranet. Extranets are networks that connect a company to its suppliers, customers and other channel partners.

Intranets are internal networks within a company that are used to share information among employees. The chapter then described various data storage mechanisms such as DAS, NAS and SAN. DAS is used for direct storage on a network; NAS is used for shared storage on a network; while SAN is dedicated to data storage on the network.

The chapter also discussed various e-business integration tools like middleware, message oriented middleware, and remote procedure calls. Finally, the chapter described the different types of e-business architecture: reference architecture, logical architecture, technology architecture, and organizational architecture.

Chapter 13 : Overview

Network Infrastructure
Enterprise Network
Data Storage

Integration Tools for E-Business
E-Business Architecture