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E-Business, Management Textbook, Workbook

E-Security : Chapter 23

Security is of prime importance for conducting e-business. The chapter has explained few measures that organizations can employ to enable secure e-business transactions. Cryptography is one of the measures. It is the art and science of encrypting and decrypting data under secret keys for the purpose of secrecy or authenticity. It facilitates the secure storage and transmission of critical data in an insecure network. PKI also ensures the security of communication and transfer of critical information through the Internet.

It involves the use of digital certificates and CA ,digital signatures and secure channels. E-Business can be conducted by the use of two different payment systems, namely, stored account payment system and SAPS. The stored account payment system involves the existing electronic payment system like that of a credit card system or a debit card system. The SAPS replaces cash with e-cash. E-Cash is a way of accepting payment over the Internet in which the currency is converted into its digital equivalent. Finally, the chapter talks about acceptable use policy which is an agreement that covers certain rules and principles that govern the fair use of Internet service. Indian companies mainly use firewalls as a security measure to prevent unwanted traffic from permeating the walls of the network. Two approaches that ensure protection from e-mail related threats are the proxy approach and the appliance approach. In the former approach, e-mail filtering tools acts only as a web content filtering tool blocking the e-mail websites and not the e-mail itself. Appliance approach involves the installation of e-mail filtering tools in line with several e-mail servers.

Both unacceptable e-mails and attachments are blocked in this approach. The assessment of an e-mail filtering solution is done based on its extent of integration, review of its actual working mechanism and reporting features. Web bug is a technology that helps in tracing the path of an e-mail and knowing if the e-mail has been checked and further forwarded or not. Security issues that earlier confronted computer systems are making wireless devices like PDAs, palm tops and cell phones their victims. Phishing and Pharming are two forms of identity theft.

Phishing is a fraudster campaign that makes the recepients of an e-mail disclose sensitive personal information like log-on IDs and account numbers. This kind of attack is activated when users click on a link in the e-mail message. A pharming attack involves redirecting recepients of messages to look alike websites. Layered security approach is one of the most reliable Internet security approaches. It provides protection at five important access levels - the perimeter, the network hub, the host file, the network application, and the stored data. A protection system should comprise three components -- IDS/IPS software, VMS and an endpoint compliance policy. Sender ID framework and Domain Keys are two recent developments developed for enhanced security with e-mails.

Chapter 23 : Overview

Public Key Infrastructure
Stored Account Payment System

Stored Value Payment System
Acceptable Use Policy