Leadership and Change Management


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Leadership and Change Management, Textbook, Workbook

Level 5 Leadership : Chapter 9

Leaders can be classified into five levels. A Level 1 leader is a highly capable individual. He plays an important role in the success of the organization through his own talent, knowledge, skills, and good work habits. A Level 2 leader is a contributing team member. He is very good at working with his team members and ensures that his team meets its assigned objectives, and fulfills the core purpose.

A Level 3 leader is a competent manager. He is skilled at organizing people and resources towards the effective and efficient pursuit of organizational objectives. A Level 4 leader is an effective leader. He sets high performance standards. He is remarkable at motivating his people and leading them single-mindedly towards realizing his vision for the organization. A Level 5 leader transforms the organization into a great institution. He epitomizes personal humility and fierce professional will. Level 5 leaders are stubborn and ruthless, yet they are humble. They are highly ambitious for their company, yet they rarely allow their ego to come in the way of organization's success. Though they accomplish great things for their organizations they never take the sole credit. They may attribute their remarkable accomplishments to their people, external factors, and sheer luck. Level 5 leaders follow a clear order: disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action. They first identify disciplined people. Then they attempt disciplined thought. Finally, disciplined action is necessary. Only this can ensure the desired and expected results.

Level 5 leaders first identify the right people for their teams. Only once they have identified the right people, do they turn to the task of setting new direction, strategy and vision for their organizations. Level 5 leaders encourage their people to face hard facts. They believe that once enough effort is put into learning the reality of the situation, the right decisions will follow.

Level 5 leaders never lose faith, even when they face hard facts. They try to emerge stronger and better from testing circumstances. Level 5 leaders do not attempt transition in their company by beginning with a strong emphasis on technology. They believe that in order to use the technology appropriately, they should first understand how relevant the technology is. Only when they have understood its relevance, and ensured its conformity with the organization's Hedgehog concept, do they apply the technology.

Chapter 9 : Overview

Classification of Leaders
The Level 5 Leader
The Level 4 Leader

Characteristics of Level 5 Leaders
Fierce will Compelling humility

Operating Style of Level 5 Leaders
First Who, then What Have faith, face hard facts
Hedgehog concept Discipline Vs Freedom Adopting technology