Case Studies in Operations Management - Vol. I


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Case 01 Consumer-Driven Six Sigma at Ford

Case Volumes | Case Study Volumes in Operations Management - Vol. I

Case 02 Domino's India Logistics Management
Case 03 General Motors - The CAD/CAM/CAE Journey
Case 04 Gujarat Ambuja - Redefining Operational Efficiency
Case 05 Implementing Tata Business Excellence Model in Tata Steel
Case 06 Lean Manufacturing Initiatives at Boeing

Case Studies in Operations Management - Vol. I
20 Case Studies
320 pages, Hardcover.
Indian orders: 2000 Rupees
Courier Charges Extra

Case 07 Mahindra & Mahindra - Implementing BPR
Case 08 Operational Restructuring - The Philips India Way
Case 09 Operational Restructuring at Harley Davidson
Case 10 Operations at Whirlpool  
Case 11 Project Scorpio - The Making of India's First Indigenous Sports Utility Vehicle  
Case 12 Six Sigma at GE  
Case 13 Taiichi Ohno and the Toyota Production System  
Case 14 Tata Indica - The Making of the Small Car  
Case 15 The Ford Production System  
Case 16 The Six Sigma 'Plus'Quality Initiative at Honeywell  
Case 17 TISCO - The World's Most Cost-Effective Steel Plant  
Case 18 Toyota's JIT Revolution  
Case 19 Toyota's Kaizen Experience  
Case 20 Volvo's Product Development Practices - Focus on Safety  

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