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A Multimedia Experience in an Indian Village (Article)   Mission Critical - Marketing to Women
Marketing Business Education: Searching for Innovation   Transmeta’s Crusoe
Every Business is a Service Business   Challenges For The Indian BPO
Level 5 Leaders - Characteristics and Operating Style   Competitiveness of the Indian Auto Component Industry
Leadership Challenges - Managing Change in Organizations   India's surging Forex Reserves Boon or Bane
Learning organization - Creating a learning organization and leading it   PARMALAT How the Milk Spilled
Mergers & Acquisition - Managing the HR Issues   Technology and Competitive Advantage
Team Building - Developing Performing Teams   New York Stock Exchange
The East India Company - Organization Structure, Control and Governance   Intel’s Centrino
E-Government - The Emerging Paradigm   KKR in 2003
Managing E-Business - Concepts and Cases   Microsoft and the Linux threat
Mobile Business - The Emerging Trends   Procter & Gamble : Organization 2005 and Beyond
AMD Opteron   Reuters in crisis
Intel’s new technology : The Itanium 2   Cannes Lions - The ad festival
Amazon into Apparels   Two to Tango
A need for survival   When the going gets tough
Google - A saga of Innovation   Now... What Can We Learn From a Horse?: The Race of the Century
Innovate or Die   Sun Microsystems : Redefining Business Model
Productivity : A Competitive Tool   Assessing Creditworthiness of a Corporate Customer A Field Perspective
Disruptive Innovation - Making it happen in Organizations   FDI in Retailing: Long Overdue
Employee Stress - Let's fight it out!   INDIAN BANK - A Banking Phoenix
HR Outsourcing - The Emerging Trends   The Outsourcing War : Let Economics Triumph Over Politics
LOW COST Airlines - Ready for Takeoff in India   Celebrity Endorsement - An Effective Tool for Building Brands?
The Walt Disney Company - Has Disney lost the Magic?  
The P&G-Gillette Merger: A Dream Deal?    
The Indian PC Market On the Rise    

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