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Case 01 Eureka Forbes - The Direct Marketing Pioneer

Case Volumes | Case Study Volumes in Sales and Distribution Management

Case 02 Baskin Robbins - Sales Strategy for India
Case 03 Mary Kay Inc. - The Saleswomen
Case 04 Max New York Life - The 3P Strategy
Case 05 Maruti Udyog Limited - The Pricing Dilemma
Case 06 Reliance Infocomm - The Question of Ethics Case Studies in Sales and Distribution Management
42  Case Studies
270 pages, Paperback
Indian orders: 2000 Rupees

Case 07 Indian Aviation - Price Wars & More
Case 08 Subhiksha - Discount Store with a Difference
Case 09 Organization Restructuring at Nokia
Case 10 HR Practices of the Container Store  
Case 11 Novartis - Managing the Sales Force  
Case 12 Women Sales Force at Tupperware  
Case 13 Dealer Training Programs - A New Trend  
Case 14 LG India - Approach to Rural Markets  
Case 15 Computer Associates - Moving Toward Territory Management  
Case 16 TI Cycles - Targeting Urban Adults  
Case 17 - Bringing e-commerce to Rural India  
Case 18 Cemex and its Technology Initiatives  
Case 19 ICICI Prudential - Multiple Distribution Channels  
Case 20 Distribution Strategies of Foreign Educational Institutions in India  
Case 21 Indian Post office - Redefining Distribution  
Case 22 HLL - Reinventing Distribution  
Case 23 TATA Chemicals - Reaching Out to the Masses  
Case 24 Indian Film Distribution - The Transition Phase  
Case 25 Tupperware in India  
Case 26 Goodyear Tires - Managing Dealer Relations  
Case 27 Channel Conflict at Apple  
Case 28 Food Corporation of India  
Case 29 Apple iTunes: Changing the Face of Online Music Retailing  
Case 30 Akbarallys - Reinventing for Profits  
Case 31 McDonald's Food Chain in India  
Case 32 Yellow Transportation Inc. - The Tech Leader of the Trucking Industry in India  
Case 33 Inventory Management at  
Case 34 TVS Logistics - Building a Global Supply Chain  
Case 35 Streamlining Logistics at General Motors Corp  
Case 36 PepsiCo's Distribution and Logistics Operations  
Case 37 Reverse Logistics - Gaining Importance  
Case 38 Revamping the Supply Chain - The Ashok Leyland Way  
Case 39 Sears - Logistics Management Practices  
Case 40 Carrefour - Managing the Global Supply Chain  
Case 41 Unilever Restructures its Supply Chain Management Practices  
Case 42 Asian Paints - Blending Technology and Distribution  

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