Case Studies in Human Resource Management - Vol. III


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  Part - I: Human Resources Planning

Case Volumes | Case Study Volumes in Human Resource Management - Vol. III
Case 01 The Importance of HR Planning in an Insurance Organization
Case 02 Succession Planning at Ranbaxy: Family Drama, Corporate Style
Case 03 Succession Planning at GE
Case 04 Volvo's HR Practices - Focus on Job Enrichment
Case 05 Employee Downsizing
Case 06 The State Bank of India VRS Case Studies in Human Resource Management Vol III
23  Case Studies
318 pages, Paperback
Indian orders: 2000 Rupees

Case 07 Human Resources Accounting in Infosys
  Part - II: Corporate Communications
Case 08 Greenpeace: Working for a "Green and Peaceful Future"
Case 09 Coca-Cola's Belgian Crisis - The Public Relations Fiasco  
  Part - III: Industrial Relations  
Case 10 Xerox - People Problems  
Case 11 SAIL's Voluntary Retirement Scheme  
Case 12 Discrimination Cases at Boeing  
Case 13 Reebok - Managing Human Rights Issues 'Ethically?'  
Case 14 HR Problems in Hyundai Motor Co.  
Case 15 Nike's Labor Practices  
  Part - IV: Performance Management and Reward Systems  
Case 16 EVA and Compensation Management System at Tata Consultancy Services  
Case 17 GM's Pension Fund Problems  
Case 18 Tesco's 'Steering Wheel'Strategy  
  Part - V: Training and Development  
Case 19 Training and Development: The GE Way  
Case 20 Training and Development at Godrej  
Case 21 Diversity Training at Toys R Us, Inc.  
Case 22 E-Learning Initiatives at Motorola  
Case 23 Wipro's PCMM - Level 5 Certification  

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