Case Studies in Human Resource Management - Vol. I


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  Part I: HR Restructuring

Case Volumes | Case Study Volumes in Human Resource Management - Vol. I
Case 01 HR Restructuring - The Coca-Cola & Dabur Way
Case 02 HR Restructuring at Lucent Technologies
Case 03 Reorganizing HP
  Part II: Employee Training & Development
Case 04 Employee Training and Development at Motorola
Case 05 Training and Development at Godrej Case Studies in Human Resource Management Vol I
27 Case Studies
321 pages, Hardcover
Indian orders: 2500 Rupees
Case 06 Improving Performance through Change Management
  Part III: HR Problems
Case 07 HR Problems in Hyundai Motor Co. Case Volumes Collection
Case 08 Indian Airlines'HR Problems  
Case 09 Microsoft Discrimination at the Workplace  
Case 10 Philips India Labor Problems at Salt Lake  
  Part IV: HR Practices and Work Culture  
Case 11 IKEA's Innovative Human Resource Management Practices and Work Culture  
Case 12 Organization Culture at Goldman Sachs  
Case 13 Organizational Culture The Recipe for Success  
Case 14 Quality of Work Life  
Case 15 Employee Participation, Organization Structure and Decision Making  
Case 16 Employee Satisfaction An Outcome of Motivated Workforce  
  Part V: HR Planning & Policies  
Case 17 Recruiting The Cisco Way  
Case 18 Starbucks'Human Resource Management Policies and the Growth Challenge  
Case 198 Succession Planning at Ranbaxy: Family Drama, Corporate Style  
Case 20 The Indian Call Center Journey  
Case 21 Pink Slip Parties A New Human Resource Buzzword  
Case 22 The State Bank of India VRS  
Case 23 Compensation Management  
Case 24 Performance Appraisal Management  
Case 25 Recruitment and Selection  
Case 26 Retaining Employees  

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