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Chapter 1 : Fundamentals of Communication

The importance of Communication
The Basic Forms of Communication
The Process of Communication
Barriers to Communication
Dealing with Communication Barriers

Oral Communication

Chapter 2 : Nonverbal Communication

Characteristics of Nonverbal Communication
Components of Nonverbal Communication

Chapter 3 : Listening

Importance of Listening
Barriers to Effective Listening
Approaches to Listening
How to be a Better Listener
What Speakers can do to Ensure Better Listening

Chapter 4 : Interpersonal Skills

Building Positive Relationships
Giving Praise
Dealing with Criticism

Managing Conflict

Approaches to Conflict
Resolving Conflict

Chapter 5 : Negotiations

Approaches to Negotiation
Preparing for Negotiation
Conducting the Negotiation

Chapter 6 : Interviewing

Types of Interviews
Planning the Interview
Conducting the Interview
Closing the Interview

The Ethics of Interviewing

Guidelines for the Interviewer
Guidelines for the Respondent

Chapter 7 : Group Communication

Factors in Group Communication
Group Decision Making

Effective Meeting

Planning a Meeting
Why have a meeting at all?
What type of meeting is called for?
Who should be asked to participate?
Where should the meeting be held?
When should it be held?
Opening the Meeting
Conducting Business
Concluding the Meeting
Following up the Meeting

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