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Business Ethics and Corporate Governance


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Chapter 7 : Ethical Issues in Marketing Management

Marketing Management - An overview
Ethical issues in Marketing Strategy

Ethical Issues in marketing Mix

People and Physical evidence

Marketing research.

Chapter Summary

The chapter looks at the importance of marketing ethics for an organization. With public attention focused on ethics, there is a need for stricter controls in business practices, right from framing marketing strategies to finally delivering a product to the consumers.

The chapter examines significant factors, individual factors and opportunity factors that have a bearing on the ethical nature of marketing decisions. In the context of marketing mix, the importance that product, place, price and promotion have been discussed. In this context the importance of environmental factors on the manufacturing of the products have been dealt with. Ethical issues play an important role in the promotional activities.

Especially the impact on children due to such ads has been discussed. Also the ethical aspects involved in the service aspects like people, physical evidence and process have been discussed. The chapter concludes with a discussion of the ethical issues involved in marketing research.

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