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Chapter 5 : Enterprise Collaboration Systems


    The World Wide Web


    Advantages of Intranet
    Disadvantages of Intranet


Enterprise Collaboration Systems and Groupware


Types of Groupware

    Enterprise Communication Tools
    Enterprise Conferencing Tools
    Collaborative Work Management Tools

Chapter Summary

The Internet is a network of networks based on the TCP/IP architecture developed by ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), in the US. Internet enables electronic commerce (e-commerce). Electronic commerce includes any form of computerized commercial transactions. These transactions may mean buying and selling of products and services on networked computers over the Internet.

An intranet is a private computer network designed for internal use in an organization. Intranets are mostly used for communications and collaboration, web publishing, and managing business operations. The use of Internet technology for strategic advantage helps organizations improve efficiency and compete globally.

Extranets link various Internet channels to connect the intranet of a business with the intranets of its customers, suppliers, or other business partners. These extranets enable customers, suppliers, consultants, subcontractors, business prospects, and others to access select intranet websites and company databases.

Enterprise collaboration systems are information systems that use a variety of information technologies to ensure good communication, collaboration, and coordination in the organization. Collaborative software, popularly known as groupware, can be classified into enterprise communication tools, enterprise conferencing tools, and collaborative work management tools.

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