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Strategic Marketing Management


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Chapter 21 : Strategic Issues in Marketing

Organizational Pressures

   Increasing International Competition
   Fast Paced Innovations
   Organizational Restructuring and Mergers and Acquisitions
   Increased Quality Consciousness
   Lack of Skilled Workforce
   Changing Demographics of Consumers

Corporate Sustainability

   Sustainable Development
   Corporate Social Responsibility
   Stakeholder Theory
   Corporate Accountability

Problems in the Marketing Department

   Human Relations Problems
   Marketing Performance Assessment Problems
   Coordination Problems

Problems in Obtaining Marketing Feedback

Problems in Information Handling

Issues Related to Marketing Cost

   Management Issues Associated with Marketing Cost


   Organization-specific Characteristics of Marketing-orientation
   Market-specific Characteristics of Market-orientation

Planning Orientation

   Marketing Planning Objectives
   Marketing Planning Process

Organizational Issues

   Functional and Business Level Marketing Issues in Network Organizations
   Corporate and Enterprise Level Marketing Issues in Network Organizations

Chapter Summary

Some of the strategic marketing issues in organizations include increasing competition, fast paced and changing nature of innovations which reduces the span of the product life cycle, organizational restructuring, increased quality consciousness of customers, lack of a skilled workforce, the changing demographics of consumers. The marketing department in organizations also faces various problems in its operations and in its relationship with other departments. The marketing department has to coordinate with various other external agencies like advertising, PR agencies, etc. Human relations problems may arise in these coordination efforts.

Marketing performance assessment creates problems as the performance depends a lot on factors external to the organization. The marketing department may face coordination problems among the various marketing subsystems as well as with other departments. Coordination between R&D and the marketing department can result in better products being introduced in the market that can meet market needs better.

Coordination problems arise between the production and marketing departments on account of the conflict of interests between the two departments as well as communication problems. Coordination problems between the purchasing and marketing departments arise when the marketing department fails to inform the purchase department about the market situation.

The absence of timely, sufficient, and accurate feedback about marketing activities can cause various problems in an organization like the inability to control the marketing performance. The availability of effective and relevant information can help to reduce uncertainty and thereby help managers to take the right decisions. Marketing cost constitutes an important element of expenditure and it is determined on the basis of marketing objectives to be achieved. Marketing oriented companies primarily give importance to the satisfaction of consumer needs in their marketing efforts. Marketing planning is an ongoing process that takes place in organizations. The highly competitive marketing environment has led to the formation of network organizations like strategic alliances. Such network organizations also face various issues in planning, implementation, and control of the various marketing activities.

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