Case Studies in Human Resource Management - Vol. II


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  Part - I: Training & Development

Case Volumes | Case Study Volumes in Human Resource Management - Vol. II
Case 01 Training Employees of IBM through E-Learning
  Part - II: Human Resource Planning
Case 02 Wipro's PCMM - Level 5 Certification
Case 03 ESOPs - A Tool for Employee Retention?
Case 04 Human Resources Accounting in Infosys
Case 05 Succession Planning at GE Case Studies in Human Resource Management - Vol. II
38 Case Studies
489 pages, Paperback
Indian orders: 3500 Rupees
  Part - III: Performance Management & Reward System
Case 06 The CEO Compensation Controversy
  Part - IV: Leadership & Change Management
Case 07 Akio Morita - The Man Who Made Sony Case Volumes Collection
Case 08 Carlos Ghosn -The Turnaround Specialist  
Case 09 Dr V of Aravind Eye Hospital - A Level 5 Leader  
Case 10 Dhirubhai Ambani and Reliance  
Case 11 Leadership - The Bill Gates Way  
Case 12 Louis v. Gerstner Jr. - The Man who Turned IBM Around  
Case 13 Richard Branson/Herb Kelleher -Leaders Extraordinaire  
Case 14 Steve Jobs - The Silicon Valley Pioneer  
Case 15 Narayana Murthy and Infosys  
Case 16 Women and Entrepreneurship  
  Part - V: Strategic Human Resource Management  
Case 14 Change Management@ICICI  
Case 15 Human Resource Management - Best Practices at FedEx Corporation  
Case 16 Nucor Corp's Organizational Culture  
  Part - VI: Global Human Resource Management  
Case 20 HP at Cultural Crossroads  
Case 21 Southwest Airlines'Organizational Culture  
Case 22 3M's Organizational Culture  
Case 23 Nokia - Fostering Innovation  
Case 24 The Fall of Arthur Andersen Organizational Culture Issues  
Case 25 The Good and Bad of Walmart's Culture  
Case 26 SRC Holdings - The ‘Open Book Management'Culture  
Case 27 Google's Organizational Culture  
Case 28 Innovations at Wipro  
  Part - VII: Managing Knowledge Workers  
Case 29 Knowledge Management - Best Practices at British Petroleum  
Case 30 Knowledge Management @ Xerox Corp.  
Case 31 Knowledge Management@Tata Steel  
  Part - VIII: Organizational Development: Diagnosis & Intervention  
Case 32 Flexible Work Options  
Case 33 The Taj's People Philosophy and Star System  
Case 34 Human Resource Management System Reforms at Matsushita  
Case 35 Fannie Mae's Human Resource Management Policies  
Case 36 Personal Appearances - The Changing HR Norms  
Case 37 Johnson & Johnson's Health and Wellness Program  
Case 38 Managing Cultural Change at P&G  

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