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Film Insurance & Financing in India Available
Assessing Loss Due to Theft Available
Claims for loss to property - genuine or fraudulent Available
Assessing Losses Caused By Vandalism Available
Call Center Operations in Insurance Available
Changing Trends in Commercial Vehicles Insurance in India Available
Claim Adjusters and Workers Compensation Claims Available
Assessing Loss to a Property and Claims Adjustment Process Available
Factors Influencing Automobile Underwriting Available
How Attractive is Asian Insurance Market Available
Insuring Hitherto Uncovered Losses - Cyberinsurance Available
Intermediaries in the Insurance Market Available
IRDA and the Changing Tariff Structure for Motor Vehicle Insurance in India Available
Liability Claims Cost of Non Response Available
Liability Insurance - Personal Injury Claims Available
Market Research in Insurance Available
Marketing Strategies in the Indian Insurance Market Available
Premium Rebates to Policy Holders - Are They Ethical Available
Rate Making in Insurance Available
Reinsurance in India Available
Tug of War for Liability Claims Available
When Insurance Against Perils Becomes Perilous Available
Change Programs and their Implementation Available
Customization of Insurance Products - A Tool For Gaining Competitive Advantage Available
Effectiveness of Symbols and Ideas in Advertising Insurance Products Available
Email an Effective Communication Tool for Insurers Available
Employee Involvement Total Quality Management in Insurance Companies Available
High Claims and Controlled Tariff Structure in Motor Insurance in India Available
HR Challenges in the Insurance Industry Available
Innovative Products The Key to Success in the Indian Insurance Market Available
Is Honeymoon Over for Insurers in India Available
Marketing Information Systems in Insurance Companies Available
Need for Training Sales Personnel in Insurance Organizations Available
Rebating in Insurance - Boon or Bane Available
Serving Rural Markets a Necessity For Indian Insurers Available
Technology a Means for Improving Customer Service Available
The Art of Selling Insurance Products Available
US Insurers Looking Towards Indian Insurance Market Available
Balanced Scorecard - A Performance Support System Available
Bancassurance - A Business Option Available
Call Centers and Customer Relationship Management in Insurance Organizations Available
Continuous Online Auditing - Benefits to Insurance Organizations Available
Global Expansion of the Insurance Business - is it Lucrative Available
Information System Planning in Insurance Organizations Available
Outsourcing of Underwriting Activities in Insurance - Advantages and Disadvantages Available
Role of Information Technology in Organization Design and Structure Available
The Importance of HR Planning in an Insurance Organization Available
The Need for Business Intelligence in Insurance Organizations Available
The Need for Changing Organization Design and Structure Available
Insurance Industry - Repercussions of Unplanned Mergers and Acquisitions Available
Customer Service and Organization Structure in the Insurance Industry Available
Viability of Providing Insurance Cover For Intangible Assets in India Available
AIG's E-Business Risk Insurance Solutions
Health Insurance, Cashless Juggernaut
ULIPs Redefined in India


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