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Introduction to Human Resource Management


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Chapter 6 : Recruitment

Concept of Recruitment, Factors Affecting Recruitment, Organizational Factors, Environmental Factors, Recruitment Policy, Sources of Recruitment, Internal Search, External Sources, Need for Flexible and Proactive Recruitment Policy, Evaluation of Recruitment Program

Chapter Summary

Recruitment is the process of seeking and attracting the right kind of people to apply for a job in an organization. Recruitment in any organization is effected by various internal and external factors. Internal factors include the recruitment policy, time and cost constraints etc. External factors include the situation in the economy, the job market, the industry etc.

The recruitment policy of an organization effectively defines and determines the pattern, the sources and the methods of recruitment of the firm. A good recruitment policy is based on the organization's objectives, complies with the government policy, and results in successful placements in the organization at the minimum cost and time. It provides the basic framework in the form of guidelines, procedures and sources for recruitment.

A good recruitment policy has to be flexible and proactively respond to the changing market situations. There are various sources of recruitment available for an organization. The organization has to choose the most suitable ones depending on its recruitment needs and its recruitment policy. The different sources are internal sources (recruitment from within the organization) and external sources like campus recruitments, advertisements, employment agencies, etc.

The organization has to take into consideration the relevance and effectiveness of each source before selecting the sources for its recruitment program. Recruitment strategies, objectives, policies and the sources and methods need to be evaluated continuously to ensure their alignment with corporate strategies, objectives, and policies. The effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment tools and sources can also be evaluated from time to time and changes made, to match the current and future recruitment needs of the organization.

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